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Mark Kitto

Mark’s rich, classic voice brings to mind a bygone, gentle age, but he can also switch to a (gentleman) rogue at the drop of a hat – or an ‘haitch’. As an actor & editor he is an excellent Narrator. He speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. He’s been broadcast on BBC, NPR, ABC + other radio


Vocal range: 50s to 60+

Native accent: RP

Description: Rich, Commanding, Debonair, Distinctive

Additional information

Further accents:

  • American
  • East Anglian
  • Foreign/International
  • London
  • RP
  • Welsh

Commercial - Jaguar

Documentary - Mount Everest

Mandarin Narration

Straight Talking - RAF Musuem Lincoln

Commercial - EuroStar

Commercial - Lawyers4U


Narration - Dorian Gray