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Shin-Fei Chen

American voice capable of bubbly teenage sound as well as a soothing quality. Mid-Atlantic + Chinese accents & fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Credits include Oxford University Press, Macmillan Publishers,, TRESemme, Beijing Yogurt & TIAA-CREF


Vocal range: 30s to 40s

Native accent: Standard American / Mandarin Chinese

Description: Bright, Young, Earnest, Cheeky

Additional information

Further accents:

  • American
  • Foreign/International

American Commercial - Haagen Dazs

American Commercial - Sara Lee

American Documentary - Brigitte Bardot

American Narration - Girl Interrupted

English with Chinese accent

Mandarin Commercial - Kazilan Make-Up

Mandarin Chinese Montage

American Montage

American - Disney & Hasbro