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Dan Westwood

As an actor, multi linguist & musician, Dan has a great ear for variety & can put his voice to Commercials, Promos & Online. His dulcet tones are superb for Continuity. His informative directional voice is good for Corporate & Straight Talking Campaigns. Great listening voice to have behind Narrations & Documentaries too


Vocal range: 40s to 50s

Native accent: South London / RP

Description: Distinctive, Assured, Rich, Cultured

Additional information

Further accents:

  • Foreign/International
  • London
  • RP

Commercial Montage

Continuity - BBC2 - Polar Season

Documentary - The Shark

Commercial - Crown Paints

Promo - TFL

Infomercial - BMW i3

Commercial - Ford Mondeo

Animated Commercial - SpecSavers

Radio Promo - XFM